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Understanding the Way Toner Cartridges Work


If you are looking into buying a laser printer, you would most likely hear the term “toner” a lot. Unlike an inkjet printer, laser printers utilise a toner like a Brother HL 1210W toner in order to print documents. Many people mistake toner as a kind of ink but in reality, they really are not ink. A toner is actually a powder that is electrically-charged and they are created with a combination of pigment and plastic.

So, How Do Toners Work?

Toners work in a really simple and easy-to-understand way. We have mentioned that toners are made of pigment and plastic. Each of this component has their own responsibility when it comes to the printing process. The pigment mainly gives the colour and the plastic component makes sure that the pigment attaches to the paper well through a simple heating and melting process.

The process of melting involved in laser printers is actually what makes it more advantageous than inkjet printers. This is because, through this process, the toner is being bound to the fibres on the paper. This makes the print output more resistant to bleeding and smudges. Moreover, the process can also provide a more vivid and even tone that gives off a crisper appearance.

Many organisations also prefer laser printers because toner cartridges actually cost less than ink cartridges. This means that they only have to shell out money for the laser printer itself, which could be a bit pricier. But, replacing the toner cartridges can save a lot of money.

Now, How Do Toner Cartridges Work?

When you are printing a document, be it an image or a text, on paper using a laser printer, the printing process starts off with the printer gathering the toner using the developer right from the hopper. This happens as the developer accorded to some sort of a metal roller contains magnetic beads that are negatively-charged moving all throughout the hopper to gather toner.

Because the beads are magnetic and they are negatively-charged, they attract the toner particles that are positively-charged. After that, the developer then brushes the particles to the drum assembly. After this, the usual printing process happens.

However, an additional melting and heating step is needed in order to set the toner in place. The paper with the toner particles goes through a set of heated fuser rollers. The heat that comes from the rollers melts the plastic components of the toner so that it adheres to the paper and binds nicely to the fibres.

Monochrome and Colour Printing

The process mentioned above is the standard process that monochrome printing follows. With colour printing, the process is still the same but it is repeated to accommodate each of the colours of the toner. You may already be aware that toner colours come in CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The laser printer combines all these colours at different levels in order to produce literally millions of different colours in various lightness, saturation, hues, and shades. Now that you know and understand how toners and laser cartridges work, you can proceed and buy a Brother HL 1210W toner.

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