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Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out of your Printer


Most offices and institutions that use computers have printers. Printers are convenient as they allow people to print out pictures and documents from their computers. And today, the printers are designed to do more than just printing: they can serve as photocopiers and scanners too.

In the current economy, individuals, businesses and even institutions are looking for ways to economise their resource without compromising the quality of solutions they render. Naturally, material resources are top on the list when they are considering options to help save money.

Some institutions, like schools, spend more money on printing than they do on IT. Luckily, there’s much that can be done to get the most from printers, without compromising quality:

Selecting an economical printer

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to get the best printer at cost-effective rates. All it takes is some patience and research. Other than the manufacturer’s claim about quality and speed, take time to check for other features too. For instance, you can try to find out how expensive the toner or ink cartridge of the printer in question is, and if there’s high-capacity or compatible version available on the market. If you are keen on saving cost, then you can go compatible toners like the Brother DCP 1612W toner. Other than that, you may want to weigh between picking a colour printer or a black and white one. If you don’t need to print colour, then the black and white option may be ideal, it is not only cheaper but will also save you money when it comes to replacing the toner cartridge.

Boost print quality

If you realise that your printouts are smeared, it could be as a result of obstruction. So, clean away anything that’s blocking the print head, all this time being careful not to damage or scratch the nozzle. Also, you can make sure that the printer is using the correct paper settings.

Match paper and print quality

Thick, high-end printing papers are ideal when you want to impress, however, they aren’t cheap for everyday use. Printing papers are available in different grades, ranging from 60gsm to 160gsm. Although the 60gsm one won’t deliver similar results as high-quality papers, they are okay for day-to-day printing around the office or in schools and are affordable.

Check print preview first

It’s easy to overlook the print preview, however, this shouldn’t be the case because it’s a great money saving tool. Print preview shows you how the printed paper will look like, so, it allows you to choose the parts that you are interested in, instead of printing the entire document with parts that you don’t want to use. If you are printing something from the internet, for instance, you can see whether you’re printing what you need or not.

Challenge the low toner notice

For faded or streaking area of printed paper – remove your toner cartridge from the printer and shake it for few seconds before you put it back. This will help unsettle the toner. If you are using a Brother printer, don’t remove the Brother DCP 1612W toner; instead, cover the sensor with an electrical tape. The printer will imagine that the cartridge is full, and print more copies.

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