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The Essence of Reprocessing Blank Toner Cartridges


Most organisations and businesses in the world are aiming to go green. By this, they mean to take care of their environment through careful disposal and other eco-friendly techniques of disposing of waste. If you have been wondering how and where you should dump your empty cartridges, well this article is for you. Recycling is the best option when it comes to toner cartridge disposal. As a company, you will be playing a very important role in environment conservation by initiating a recycling process or protocol to enable the recycling of Brother DCP 9015CDW toner or any other cartridges. Below are some of the merits this has to the environment.

The Environment Remains Clean

For a long time before recycling of anything was initiated, large amounts of waste used to loiter making the world ugly and dirty.

Did you know that a cartridge may take up to 500 years or more to fully decompose?

Recycling saves you this burden because you get to use it and reuse it again instead of leaving it in a heap of waste. By going green and embracing recycling of toner cartridges we would be by reducing the amount of waste on earth.

Cost Effective to the Company

Recycling might seem like an expensive venture but that is just a notion that people have. Recycling has been cheap not to say free in most cases. Talk with your print and cartridge supplier and enquire if they do provide recycling services. If they do, then your only task is to do the delivery of the empty toner cartridges for the recycling process. In fact, most manufacturers tend to give free recycling of the products that they manufacture.

The Recycling Process

This process is easy and anyone can manage without as much as a muscle. You may first have to be in a form of agreement with the print supplier or any other manufacturer that provides similar recycle services. To some, you may be forced to transport the empty cartridges to their location where they will proceed with the recycling while other companies can just give you a container. Once the container is filled all you have to do is contact them and they will come to pick up and proceed with the recycling process themselves.

Check Out the Toner Package

If you pay enough attention to detail you will notice that there are recycling instructions on toner cartridges packaging. These instructions guide you on how to package them and which materials to use which in most cases are plastic bags and even some shipping envelopes. You can also go ahead to pre-address the packages before sending them to the manufacturing company for the recycling process.

By embracing recycling of Brother DCP 9015CDW toner, wastes will be greatly mitigated and a lot of funds saved that would have otherwise been wasted on doing the cleaning. It furthermore reduces the cost of manufacturing new products as the cost of acquiring new resources is done away with.

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