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The Cleaning Procedures and Maintenance of Laser Printers


A laser printer is essential equipment for offices, which is capable of printing out thousands of papers each month. They have found their place in insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and general business places. Therefore, the laser printers are vitally important, and just like other machines, they require maintenance and care. Even though basic cleaning and maintenance procedures can take it a long way, there is a need to read the manual to understand particular cleaning steps and replacement of parts like the HP 1320 toner.

Here are procedures you should consider to ensure you are safe and the printer is working well.

Safety Measures for Cleaning and Maintenance

The first step is ensuring you unplug the printer before starting the maintenance. Give it time to rest (a minimum of 60 minutes) so that it can cool the fuser-roller which might result in burns. All laser printers utilise toners, which have tiny particles that can penetrate your skin and get into your lungs during the cleaning process.

Disable any fans in the room and open the windows before you begin the maintenance process. To protect your skin from absorbing these particles, put on latex gloves, and to prevent breathing in the toner particles, you need to wear a mask. Also, make sure you wait for 10 minutes or more after you are through with the maintenance.

Cleaning the Laser Printer Interiors

Once you have your printer cool, detach the paper trays. Then using a paintbrush that has gentle bristles brush the toners particles and dust gently. Use a toner vacuum from supply stores to clean the compartments and avoid touching any surfaces on the inside. Then detach the toner cartridges and wipe them using toner clothes.

You can now reach the delicate wires and rub them softly using cotton swabs with isopropyl alcohol on them. Get a damp piece of cloth to clean separation pads and rollers but do not touch them using bare hands.

Cleaning the Laser Printer Exteriors

The outside of a laser printer will require regular dusting and is the simplest cleaning exercise. You can use a microfiber duster or a dry piece of cloth to dust the exterior casing. Carry out this thorough cleaning by adding a little isopropyl alcohol to deep clean it. How regular should the cleaning be? You can do it each time you are replacing the toner, or after churning out about 2500 pages. Never use ammonia-based cleaners or solvent to clean any part of the toner.

Additional Maintenance

When you notice prints fading, you can replace the toner by installing new refill kit or cartridge. Also, closely monitor the machine to see signs of parts that require replacement. When surfaces look shiny and glazed, then they indicate that you should replace the rollers, while scratches and marks on the fuser indicate that you should replace them.

You can as well see frequently error messages. These indicate the need to replace the drum. You should then feed a transparent sheet without printing so as to make the path clean. Get quality accessories like HP 1320 toner to avoid malfunctioning.

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