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How to Lower Your Office Printing Costs.



Just to be clear from the start, this article isn’t one of those that will make you feel bad for maybe leaving the office light on overnight by mistake. Not even for using the last of the milk out of the communal fridge and not replacing it!  This is just some good advice on how to save money in the office when using the office printer. 

We want to tackle some of the biggest bug bears and costly issues surrounding printers in the workplace.  Providing some useful hints and tips when it comes to things that we should be doing but aren’t and things we could be doing more of.

It can be a costly affair

It’s reported that approximately 64% of small businesses can’t track and monitor printer usage and costs.  They’re unsure as to what is being printed the majority of the time. They don’t know how often printers break or need replacing or just how much annually they’re spending on ink alone.  It is this combined data which businesses really should be keeping track of. When it comes to office budgets, let’s face it every little counts!

Printers are the one piece of equipment which are sure to drive most employees crazy at least once (more often more than once) in their work life.  Issues such as being out of order, breaking during an important print run are commonplace. Just being completely out of ink is a nightmare. It’s going to take a while before more can be ordered and delivered, hence rendering it `out of order`. We’ve all seen that sign on a completely functional printer. 

It’s all of these little things where the waste in staff’s time is not seen, but trust us, it is most definitely there.  Xerox have delved into this issue further, highlighting that even just the wait time at one central printer alone for staff, can be around 3 minutes.  Taking over the period of a year this equates to 13 hours per employee. Now think about how many staff you have. For this small element of simply waiting at a printer, the hours wasted are already mounting up.

Whether you’re a small or big business, time is always of the essence.  Think about all of the other productive things you and your employees could be doing rather than fighting with yet another printer issue.

So just what are some of the things we could and should be doing going forward?

Turn printers off

It’s like turning out lights!  When you leave the office just like making sure that all of the office lights and computers are turned off, it’s also important to make sure that printers are turned off too.  

We’re not stressing this point because we like to be green (which we do by the way) but it’s also because reports from Optimal Monitoring have shown us that office equipment is the fastest growing energy user in the business world!  It consumes 15% of the total electricity used in offices and by 2020 this is expected to rise again to 30%.  What’s even more staggering is the cost of running this equipment is approximately £300m in the UK alone!

Turning printers off also helps them to stay newer for longer, so fewer repairs are needed as well as longer lifespans meaning no costs needed for new and updated equipment.

Make sure you have the right printer

It might seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised at just how many businesses don’t have the right printer to meet their needs. This means further costs to use print houses in order to get the work you want.

It might seem more cost effective at the time to choose a basic printer for your office needs and outsource the rest. However, what is currently being outsourced could potentially be brought back in-house. If you analyse how your current printers are actually being used, . Also you must think about what future projects and office requirements could be on the horizon. As your company grows will the investment in a quality printer pay dividends? 

Knowing from the outset what you need now as well as what you could need in the future will help you reduce costs. If not immediately, certainly in the long term.

Do your ink research!

Ink can be a nightmare for office staff.  From finding the right supplier to then looking at the most cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of print work. Saving you money on ink costs and ensuring the high quality that you’re used to, is Compatink’s solution.  Specialising in the sale of compatible ink and toner cartridges, Compatink can save you up to 70% on your annual printer ink bill, without sacrificing on the quality. Printing really doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be thought out, planned and most importantly researched!

Don’t leave a blocked printer

It’s quite common in offices to run away and hide if the printer jams whilst printing out your materials/work (or is that just us?!).  Not just because you don’t want to be seen as “the one who broke the printer” but also because maybe what you were printing was more personal than work related?!  

But as soon as you notice the printer acting strangely or indeed it does break – let someone know asap.  It’s estimated that the average printer call-out repair charge starts from anything between £60-£80. This of course doesn’t include any parts or additional extras!

Most printer problems can be fixed internally…if you know how. Easy things to consider doing include; opening up all of the doors and checking the rollers and brushes for paper jams. Making sure that you don’t have too much paper in the tray. Finally, making sure that the ink areas are as clean as possible and not blemished or spotty. All of these are ways to do helpful easy maintenance to ensure you printer runs smoothly. 

Finally, a little funny but sometimes there’s a time and a place…

you print internet memes when really you shouldn’t.

You all know what we mean, you know the posters that state “don’t let your printer know you’re in a hurry….they smell fear” or “I don’t always use the printer, but when I do someone is printing 100 pages!”. And these are just some of the tame ones!  What we want to highlight is yes they are funny and of course can have a significant meaning behind them. When put in the right place. But, do you actually need to be printing these? No, because that’s insane.

The same can be said for all of the emails you print out because you don’t trust your email account to not crash or be hacked. Or what about all of the meeting notes you’ve typed up and have now printed out and put with the scribbled notes you actually wrote in the first place? Yes, we know this happens, but does it need to?  Think about waste, cost saving, energy saving and about doing the right thing.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to help maintain the printers and to also report a problem as soon as it happens.  There’s always things we can improve on and things we should automatically be doing as part of our everyday processes. These are just a few handy hints to help point you in the right direction.

How we can help. (Shameless self promotion)

At Compatink we have first-hand experience of the problems and stress printers can cause to businesses and staff.  They are a lot to look after, from the maintenance and check-ups to making sure you turn them off to save energy. Using the right paper in the right drawers as well as making sure you not only have the right ink, but you have enough of it!

Here at Compatink we’re proud to shout from the rooftops that we can solve your ink problems. AND save you time and money!

By using our unique search system, you can find the right compatible ink and toner cartridge faster than any of our competitors. With savings of up to 70% without sacrificing the quality of print. We’re happy to do our part in supporting businesses when it comes to cost saving and meeting your print needs. We’re even developing Free Print Management software to take this one step further in the future.


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