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How to Print from Your Canon Printer with Google Home

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With Google Home or Google Assistant, all you need to print certain documents from your Canon printer is just your voice. Canon is one of just a few manufacturers whose machines currently enable users print hands-free.

If you are wondering how you can really print from your Canon printer with Google Home, here is a guide to take you through the steps with ease.


How to Set Up

You apparently need to have a Google Home device to do this. If you don’t have such, you can download and install the Google Assistant from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on what OS your device runs on.

Once you have Google Home or the Google Assistant ready, follow the steps below to set up:


  • Power on your printer and wait for it to enter an idle state.


  • Load A4 or letter size paper into the tray.


  • Launch the Google Home or Google Assistant app on your device and tap on Link.

  • Create an account by tapping on ‘Create a Canon ID account,’ if you don’t have a Canon ID yet.


  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. You can do that using your email, Google account or Facebook account.

If you’re required to enter a printer registration ID, look for ‘Web service setup’ via you printer panel or LCD menu – you may first need to select Settings or Setup to see this option. Select ‘IJ Cloud Printing Center setup,’ register and print your Printer registration ID by following on-screen instructions.

  • After getting your Canon ID account, go back to the screen you saw when you first opened the Google Home app and tap on Link again. You may need to re-open the app to see the same screen.

  • Sign in with the email address and password you specified when creating your Canon ID account.

  • Tap on Allow when a ‘Printer access request’ screen displays, requesting permission to your data and to perform tasks on your printer.

You are now ready to print from your Canon Printer with Google Home after granting that permission.


Executing Printer Tasks with Google Home

When you want to print from your machine with aid of the virtual assistant, you may begin by saying, ‘Hey Google, connect to Canon printer’ or ‘Ok Google, talk to Canon printer.’ You can then go ahead to tell it what to print.

Use the phrase ‘Hey Google, ask Canon printer to’ at the beginning of any request you are making. You can print a wide variety of documents, including forms, colouring pages, check lists and puzzles, with the help of the voice assistant.

It is also possible to use Google Home to check the status of your printer. For instance, you can say ‘Hey Google, ask Canon printer to check my ink status’ to know the amount of ink you have left.

The assistant can also provide you with more information on what it can help you with. All you have to say is: ‘Hey Google, ask Canon printer to print a help page.’ Your printer will then go ahead to print a page summarising all you can do on your printer with Google Home.

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