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How to Print from Epson Printer with Google Home

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Epson printers, especially the latest ones, are designed to make your life easier. Hands-free printing with the aid of a voice assistant, such as Google Home, is one of the features you enjoy on these machines. You simply speak to print!

In case you do not know how and wish to, here is a guide on how to print from your Epson printer using Google Home.


Setting Up Your Printer and Epson Account

For voice-controlled printing to be possible on an Epson printer, one of the requirements is that the machine should be connected to the internet. You can connect wirelessly or with the aid of an Ethernet cable.

You also need to have an Epson Connect account and your printer must be connected to it. If you have not created an account yet, you may be able to create one via the control panel of your machine by following these steps, depending on your printer model:


  • Select Settings or Setup.


  • Next, select Epson Connect Services from the options and then select Register.


  • If you aren’t able to see the above option after opening Settings, look for it under Web Service Settings. You may first need to select General Settings to see the Web Service Settings option.


  • Tap on Start Setup after selecting ‘Register’ for Epson Connect Services. An Epson Connect Registration Sheet starts to print afterwards.


  • Follow the instructions on the printed sheet for steps for setting up your account and connecting your printer.


If you aren’t able to do this via the control panel of your machine, it is possible to create an Epson Connect account and link your printer to it via the printer utility on your computer. You can set up as well using a web browser, if you know the IP address of your machine.


Linking Google Assistant to Your Printer

The second part of the setup is where you launch the Google Home app. Hold the Home button on your Android device until the Google Assistant opens.

If you use an older Android version or an iOS device, you will need to download the Google Assistant app from your app store and install it.


After the voice assistant opens, continue as follows:


  • Tap on the Explore (compass) icon.


  • Type ‘Epson printer’ into the search field and select it from the search results.

  • Tap on Link in the Epson Printer skill screen.

  • Type your Epson Connect username and password into the appropriate fields on the next screen. Then tap on Sign In.

  • Finally, tap on Try It on the screen that follows to see what Epson Printer action can do.

Your printer is now ready to print merely relying on voice commands.


Using Google Home to Print

With the previous steps completed, you have done the hard part of printing from your Epson printer with Google Home. The only thing you need to do from now on is to simply start by saying: “Hey Google, ask Epson Printer to print…” Add what you want to print to that command.

Things you can print using the voice assistant include notebook, sheet music paper, graph paper, design paper and calendar.

Let’s assume you want to print music paper. You can say: ‘Hey Google, ask Epson printer to print music paper.’ You could as well say something like, ‘Hey Google, ask Epson Printer to print six sheets of music paper.’ The assistant enables you print up to 10 sheets at a time.


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