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How to Print Double-Sided

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Printing double-sided is also known as duplex printing or duplexing. It offers you a great means of saving money on your paper usage. Saving isn’t just the appeal; documents printed using this method are less bulky and tend to be more presentable.

How do you print double-sided from your printer? You can find the steps for doing that in this guide. The instructions here should work for almost all, if not all, printer brands.

If you are having issues duplex printing CLICK HERE for guidance on how to solve them.


Confirming Duplex Printing Support

The first step to printing double-sided, automatically, is to check that your machine supports duplex printing. You can know this by reading through the product’s manual.

It is also possible to tell whether your printer supports this feature by going through its properties via the driver tool on your computer. Here’s what the process looks like on a PC:


  • Open a document.


  • Click on File in the menu options at the top of the screen.


  • Select Print from the drop-down menu.


  • Choose the printer you want to use from the list and click Printer Properties.


  • Look for an option or section that reads ‘Duplex Printing’ or ‘Print on both sides’ (or similar). If you can find such, then it means you can print double-sided automatically. You may need to check under the Page Layout tab in some printer drivers to locate it.


Printing Double-Sided

Once you are sure that your printer supports duplex printing, you are good to go. We describe in this section how you can print double-sided on Windows and Mac computers.

Begin by opening the file or document you wish to print. For this example, we assume you are working with a Word document. Then proceed as follows, depending on what OS your computer runs on:



  • Click on the File option at the top of the window and select Print from the drop-down list. Another, perhaps, simpler way of doing is by pressing the CTRL and P keys together. This opens the print dialog box.


  • Select your machine in the Printer list.


  • Look for ‘Double Sided Printing,’ ‘Print on Both Sides,’ or similar under the Settings, Preferences or Properties section and select it. You’d often have to click on a ‘Print One Sided’ option to reveal the option to print on both sides in Word. You may find it under Duplex Printing or Page Layout headings in some cases.


  • Click on Print after selecting your printer and the double-sided printing option.



  • Click on File near the top-left corner of your document and select Print from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, hold the Command key and then press P. The Print window opens.


  • Select Copies & Pages to view the available options under it. This step and the next may not be necessary if you are printing online.


  • Choose Layout from the drop-down menu.


  • Look for a ‘Two-Sided’ option and turn it on. This often means checking a box associated to it. In Word, you’d often need to select Long-Edge Binding from a drop-down menu that displays.


  • Click Print to begin double-sided printing.


It is worth mentioning here, though, that machines that support printing on both sides of pages do so in different ways. There are some that first print copies of the first side of pages and, afterwards, prompts you to flip all the sheets to print copies of the second side.


Printing Manually

If your printer does not support duplex printing out of the box, you can still print on both sides of pages using the manual approach. We describe below what the process looks like:


  • Click File and select Print.


  • Select your printer in the Printer list.


  • Type 1 into the Pages box and click on Print to print the first page.


  • Flip the printed sheet and re-insert it into your machine.


  • Type 2 into the Pages box and click Print.


While the above procedure work, it would certainly not be convenient if you wish to print many double-sided pages. In such a case, you can proceed as follows instead:


  • Load paper into the tray. You may first make a small mark with a pencil near the top-left edge of the side of the paper that faces your printer before inserting. This could help prevent making a mess of your print job later on.


  • With the document you wish to print opened, press CTRL/Command + P to open the Print window, depending on your computer’s OS.


  • Look for a ‘Pages’ or ‘Page Range’ option to specify the range of pages you wish to print.


  • Type in the odd pages in the form ‘1, 3, 5…’ – you may also begin with even pages instead, if you so prefer. In Windows, you can select ‘Odd pages only’ in the Print window as well. You are able to do the same on Mac by expanding the Copies & Pages menu, selecting Paper Handling and then clicking on ‘Odd Numbered Pages.’


  • Click on Print to begin printing.


  • After printing all the odd pages, flip the sheets. The pencil mark made previously, if you did that, can serve as guide on the right way to re-insert the sheets.


  • Press CTRL and P on Windows or Command and P on Mac to open the print dialog box again.


  • This time, type in even numbers (2, 4, 6…). You can also choose ‘Even pages only’ (Windows) or ‘Even Numbered Pages’ (Mac).


  • Click on Print to print on the reverse side of the previously printed sheets.


That’s all you need to know when it comes to printing double-sided on your printer. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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