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Compatink / Help Guides / How Do I Install a Canon Printer Without the Disc?

How Do I Install a Canon Printer Without the Disc?

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It is usual to get an installation CD in the package when you buy a new printer. This is what enables your printer to connect to your computer.

But there are situation where your machine may not come with a CD, such as when you buy a used one. It is also possible that you may misplace it, if your printer came with one, and you now need after installing or re-installing an operating system on your computer. Here is a guide on how you can install a Canon printer without the disc.

There are two approaches for doing this. One involves using driver built into your computer’s operating system while the other requires downloading the driver from the internet.


OS Built-in Driver Method

This approach is quite easy. It is the first you should try before trying another, especially if your printer connects with a USB cable.

Many computers running on Windows or Mac OS versions released in more recent years come with built-in print driver. The pre-loaded driver works with many printers, especially those by major brands such as Canon. If you have the right OS version, all you need to do is connect your printer to your PC using a USB cable.

Here’s what the simple process looks like:


  • Plug your printer into a wall socket and power it on.


  • Using a USB cable, make a connection between the printer and your computer. The installation process will begin automatically once you do this. You simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


But, if the driver doesn’t start installing, proceed with the following steps to install manually:


  • Open the Control Panel on Windows and then double-click Devices and Printers. Go to the Printers & Scanners section in System Preferences on Mac to view printer list.


  • Look for an option to add a printer or scanner and click on it.


  • Select your printer in the window that opens next and follow the steps described in on-screen instructions. Click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ or similar, if you cannot find the name of your printer in the window and continue to add.


If the installation completes correctly, you should be able to start using your printer.


Download Method

Another option you have for installing a Canon printer without a disc involves downloading the driver online. This is the better method if the built-in driver won’t install for some reason or you wish to access the full range of features your printer supports. It also ensures you have the latest version of the tool – more recent than that on the CD that originally came with a printer.


Follow these steps to get and install your printer software from the internet:



  • Enter the model name or number of your printer in the search field provided – usually near the top of the screen. Be sure that the right operating system is selected for your computer.


  • Look for the driver or software applicable to your printer model and click on Download link. Take note of the ‘download’ folder on your computer.


  • After downloading, locate and double-click the file to begin installation. Simply follow on-screen instructions to install the software. You may need to log on as an administrator to install.


You can then proceed with the steps below to add your printer, depending on what operating system your computer runs on.



  • Connect your printer to your computer using a USB cable or any other supported mode of connection. Your computer may recognize it automatically once you have the driver installed. If it doesn’t, continue with the following steps.


  • Go to the Control Panel and open Devices and Printers or ‘Printers & scanners.’


  • Click on the ‘Add a printer or scanner’ option or similar.


  • Select the name of your printer in the ‘Add a printer or scanner’ window. Continue with on-screen prompts to add your machine.



  • With your printer already connected to your computer, click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.


  • Open Printers & Scanners (or Print & Fax).


  • Select your printer in the list of connected devices and click on the Add button.


There is all you need to know about how to install a Canon printer without the disc!

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