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How Do I Get a Driver for My HP Printer?

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Drivers are what enable printer users to perform a variety of printer-related actions from their computers. Without them, you will be handicapped greatly in terms of what you can do with your machine.


If you have just bought a new printer, you will need to download a driver to use it with your computer. This may also be required after upgrading your operating system. If you are asking the question ‘How do I get a driver for my HP printer’, we have the answer here. This guide tends more towards Windows users, but you can still apply part of it to other operating system (with slight differences).


Installing Built-in Windows Driver

Windows already comes pre-loaded with a variety of drivers that work with many types of printer models by HP. These usually support basic printer functionality. The right one for your machine may be enough to do things you commonly do on a printer.


But you still have to install this built-in print driver after purchasing a new printer. Here’s how you do that:


  • Configure Windows Update to download driver software automatically, as recommended by HP. You can do this by clicking on Start or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and then searching for and clicking on ‘Change device installation settings.’ Select ‘Yes (recommended)’ in the window that opens and then click on Save Changes.

how to get a driver for my hp printer, hp driver, hp printer, install, download,

  • Connect your printer to your computer using USB cable, wired network or wireless network connection, as applicable.


  • Navigate to the Control Panel – you can look for it or search ‘control’ in the Start Menu.


  • Open Devices and Printers and select ‘Add a printer.’

how to get a driver for my hp printer,

  • Select your printer in the ‘Add a device’ window, click on Next and follow on-screen instructions from then on.

how to get a driver for my hp printer, hp driver, hp printer,

If your machine isn’t listed in the printer list, click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ and then choose one of the available options that you wish to use.

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Following the on-screen instructions correctly after selecting your printer, you should be able to install the Windows built-in print driver successfully.


Downloading and Installing Full Feature Driver

There is a limit to what you will be able to do with the print driver that comes with Windows. You may need to download a full-feature version from the HP website to take full advantage of features that your printer offers.


Follow these steps to download and install full-feature driver for your HP printer, if such is available:


  • Go to the Software and Driver Downloads section on HP’s website. You may first want to disconnect your printer – you will be prompted to connect during driver installation.


  • Select the ‘Printing’ category. If you see a ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ page, select Printer.


  • Type in your printer model number in the search field and click on Submit.


  • Switch selected operating system by clicking on Change, if it’s not the correct one.


  • Look below the Driver heading and click on Download. This will usually download the full-feature driver. If for some reason you want basic driver, simply select Basic Drivers from driver options and download it. Take note of the location chosen for the download.


  • Open the folder you downloaded the driver to and double-click the file to begin installation. Windows will prompt you to grant approval for the installation; click on OK. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the full-feature driver on your computer. The recommended installation method is usually sufficient for an average HP printer user.


  • Restart your printer and computer after driver installation completes.


You may also follow the steps above to resolve the issue if you are prompted to connect a previously-connected printer after upgrading your OS version. In that case, you will need to first uninstall any old driver you may have on your computer before downloading and installing a new one.

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