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how to fix missing characters when you print, missing characters, print server, browser, font,

How to Fix Missing Characters When You Print

Printer users sometimes notice missing characters when printing documents from their machines. If you haven't...

how to fix 'awaiting redial' error, fax machine, brother fax, awaiting redial, connection,

How to Fix 'Awaiting Redial' Error Message

It is possible that you see the message 'Awaiting Redial' when trying to send a...

how to run hp print and scan doctor to fix printer issues, hp printer, hp print and scan, software, fix,

How to Run HP Print and Scan Doctor to Fix Printer Issues

Printers and issues are rather inseparable. To make matters worse, you might even have no...

how to fix a build-up of dust in your printer, dust, clean, vacuum, debris,

How to Fix a Build-up of Dust in Your Printer

One of the issues you are bound to experience at some point is build-up of...

how to fix puddles of ink in your printer, inkjet printer, print head, clean, leaky cartridge,

How to Fix Puddles of Ink in Your Printer

If you use an inkjet printer, it is practically impossible not to have puddles of...

how to fix images being cut off when printing, software, service start-up, delete, uninstalling.

How to Fix Images Being Cut Off When Printing

Printers are known to sometimes exhibit strange behaviours. One of such is seeing images being...

How to Fix Admin Issues on My Printer, administrator rights, user account, system restore, install,

How to Fix Admin Issues on My Printer

Administrator rights and privileges put you well in control of things. They help ensure that...

how to fix 'printing half a page' issue, printing half a page, usb, printer driver, spooler,

How to Fix 'Printing Half a Page' Issue

Your printer printing half a page is an issue that can potentially leave you clueless...

how to fix pixellated photos, pixellated, resolution, photoshop, blur,

How to Fix Pixellated Photos

Images have a way of making printed documents look more appealing, especially when they are...

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