Free Print Management



Free Print Management (coming soon)


We are currently developing browser capability that will allow you to do some amazing things via the website.  The main feature would be the ability to view ink and toner levels live via the my accounts page which will automatically link into all of the printers or your network so that you never order the wrong thing or have to browse to purchase.  You would also get alerts when the toner or ink is low and you need to replace it.

We will be offering contract options that allow you to simply set and forget whereby we will simply deliver you a new toner or ink cartridge before your previous one runs out. Ensuring that you no longer have to stock toner or ink.

In addition we will be offering free printers as long as you sign into a contract to allow us to provide the toner over a set period.  This will be on a sliding scale that depends on a few variables.

We are currently in development with the above options and will be going through testing.  If you would like access for free when we have everything in place you can purchase a ‘front of the queue’ ticket today for £1. We will also keep you in our closed loop for updates on development and provide you with more information than we currently have on the website.

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