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Five Crucial Toner Cartridge Storage Tips


Having extra toner cartridges available is always a great idea, especially if you use your printer fairly often. However, if you are not sure how to store toner cartridges in the right way, you could end up damaging or destroying them before they do you any good.

Toner cartridges can be stored for up to two years after the date it has been produced. To find the production date on your Samsung C480W toner, refer to the packaging that the toner came in.

Without further ado, here are 5 tips for storing your extra toner.

Keep it cool.

Store your Samsung C480W toner cartridges at room temperature or below. If you live in a high-temperature area, you should look for a cool place to store your toner cartridges, such as a room with air conditioning or a cooler store room.

Rooms with high temperatures could cause the power inside the toner cartridge to melt. Heading can also harm the cartridge itself, causing the plastic to melt or warp. This can also be problematic if you have a toner cartridge is an aluminum drum built inside of it, such as most Samsung toner cartridges. Too much heat can also harm the drum, causing it to warp and deteriorate the quality of the prints you want to make.

Keep it dry.

Humidity and moisture are two things that can ruin the toner powder, though both of them share certain differences with heat. Too much moisture can cause the toner powder to clump inside the cartridge, and can lead to bad printing quality and uneven toner distribution.

If you live in a humid or moist area, store your toner cartridge in a room that is dry as humanly possible. Rooms with air conditioners will not only keep a room cool, but dry as well. Toner cartridges without aluminum drums will have their powder exposed more, so this is especially important. It is best that you buy a dehumidifier for your toner cartridges as well.

Keep it away from sunlight.

Sunlight can especially cause toner cartridges to melt or warp. Warping gives the cartridge a curvature, and when a cartridge is warped, it will not be able to fit inside of the cartridge slot in your printer. Warping can also cause toner to spill powder, among other known issues. To keep your toner cartridges away from the sun, store them in either a cupboard or drawer.

Keep the cartridge in its packaging.

Toner cartridges will have usually 2 or 3 lines of defense to protect itself: The cardboard box, the Styrofoam, and then its plastic wrapping. It is important to not open the cartridge plastic packaging until you are ready to replace your old toner cartridge. The packaging is made to protect the cartridge from irregularities and light. If a toner cartridge with packaging occupies too much storage space, you can remove the cartridge from its cardboard box, but not its plastic wrapping. The plastic will also protect the aluminum drum from getting scratched up or damaged. This can lead to low quality, or grainy prints or lines appearing. This also keeps the chips on your cartridges clean and free of any problems.

Keep the lights off.

If you have drums, whether it be included with your toner printer or with your cartridges, be sure that their exposure to any light sources are down to a minimum. Drums are considered to be photosensitive and excessive exposure to light can cause them to fail to hold images correctly while printing. This will lead to grainy prints, or prints with completely blank sections.

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