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Compatible Toners for the Samsung C480FW


The Samsung Xpress SL- C480FW is a multifunction printer that is primarily preferred for its ease of operation. The simplicity of use is now enhanced with the ready availability of compatible toners to keep all your printing requirements ever running.

Professionals and offices with regular printing demands have found in the Samsung Xpress SL- C480FW great relief for their day-to-day requirements. The colour and multifunction printer is an ideal model for the modern business environment where convenience and simplicity are highly sought-after. Among the key features of this outstanding printer from Samsung are;

1 . A quick 3-step installation which can be completed in the shortest duration without requiring any technical assistance.

2. The inclusion of the advanced Samsung Cloud Print, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. This enables you to print documents that have been sent or stored online without having to download them.

3. Fast printing speeds, which are supported by the advanced 800 MHz CPU. You never have to wait for hours on end to have those essential documents that are required instantly.

4. The joys of the one-touch Eco button which significantly reduces the operational costs.

5. An instant scan to email feature, which makes it, suited for the modern e-commerce environment where documents are primarily sent through the mail to business partners and clients or saved for future references.

6. Supports Wi-Fi direct and mobile printing using the inbuilt Near Field Communication technology.

It is not enough that the Samsung model is a high-performance printer, but now it has become much simpler to find a compatible Samsung C480FW toner online. The core strength of the printer, which makes it a darling for thousands, is its print quality, which is maintained by finding a quality toner. Not surprisingly, you are not limited to choice when it comes to finding a toner, which will be able to meet your requirements. Long gone are the days when all you had to do is stick to making toner purchases from the printer manufacturer, which is in most instances much costly.

Alternative compatible printers, which have been specially built for the Samsung Xpress C480FW, work as perfectly as the original toner if not better. Top on the list is the immediate benefits you get from purchasing a compatible toner is the cost efficiency that remains core to every decision made in an office. Unlike what you might expect, the savings you make on buying the toner does not, in any way, hinder the performance to expect.

Top on the line of the Samsung C480FW toner, which you can opt for, is the Black Samsung K404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-K404S/ELS), Samsung C404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-C404S/ELS), Magenta Samsung M404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-M404S/ELS), and Yellow Samsung Y404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-Y404S/ELS). All these toners have been tested and approved for use in the Samsung SL- C480FW printer maintaining the same speeds and printing capabilities as before. Installations of the toners are pretty simple given the design of the printer which allows for a one-touch removal of its toner. Once installed, you can go back to printing your documents without sacrificing on any conveniences that come with owning the printer.

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