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HP Firmware Update – April 2019

In the last 24 hours we have been made aware that, unfortunately, HP has released another firmware update preventing the usage of third-party cartridges, this update affects the following range of cartridges and printers:

We have had a few customers complain that recent cartridges we have sent are not working, unfortunately, this is due to HP releasing another firmware update preventing the usage of Compatible and remanufactured cartridges, the update affects the following range of cartridges and printers. Please get in contact If you’re having this issue and we will send you out a replacement free of charge.

HP 903XL/907XL/953XL/913A/973XL


• HP Officejet Pro 6950
• HP Officejet Pro 6960
• HP Officejet Pro 6970
• HP Officejet Pro 6975

OEM: L0S70AE, HP 953XL

• HP Officejet Pro 7720
• HP Officejet Pro 7730
• HP Officejet Pro 7740
• HP Officejet Pro 8210
• HP Officejet Pro 8218
• HP Officejet Pro 8710
• HP Officejet Pro 8715
• HP Officejet Pro 8716
• HP Officejet Pro 8718
• HP Officejet Pro 8720
• HP Officejet Pro 8725
• HP Officejet Pro 8728
• HP Officejet Pro 8730
• HP Officejet Pro 8740

OEM: HP973X, 973X, L0S07AE

• HP Page Wide Pro 452dw
• HP Page Wide Pro 452dwt
• HP Page Wide Pro 477dw
• HP Page Wide Pro 477dwt

Whilst we always try to ensure our cartridges do have chip revisions to match the latest updates, due to how recent this update is, as of the 17th of April 2019, we are not able to guarantee that our cartridges will work with the affected printers if the update has been performed.

It is generally recommended to disable HP Firmware updates which can be done in the following way:

– Click “Setup” on printer screen (this looks like a cog or wheel)
– Click on “Printer Maintenance”
– Click on “Update the Printer”
– Click on “Printer Update Options”
– Click on “Do Not Check”

HP may also try to update via a WiFi Notification which will say:

“An update is available that can improve the printer’s performance. Would you like to install the update?”

You then need to select “No” on both questions that pop up.

We will continue to monitor this issue to ensure that we are able to provide the best support, as well as newly chipped cartridges as soon as possible – please get in contact if you need us to send out replacement cartridges.

Quality and Affordable Compatible HP Toners

Owning an HP printer does not leave you without options when it comes to finding compatible toners and cartridges for all your printing demands. Quality HP toners are today a few clicks away for anyone after cost-efficiency.

The debate about whether third-party printer accessories are valid for use has been put to rest after years of proven functionality of these solutions. Today, the question is not whether you can use toners and cartridges from another manufacturer but which store to rely on for your needs. The market never lies, and specialised stores that exclusively deal with masterly engineered toners in the United Kingdom are now within reach 24-hours all year long.

In the world of printers, there is not a doubt that HP has rightfully earned its stripes as an industry leader with decades of expertise in the field. A limiting factor for their quality printers comes when you have to refill a toner as the original products by the manufacturer are in all evaluations overpriced. This should nonetheless be a reason not to embrace printers from the manufacturer as all their compatible toners are readily available at lower costs. The search for HP Cp2025 toner for example results to results of models that have been in use by thousands of clients who have found great relief from the compatible models.

The rapid development of HP LaserJet printer models has seen them become an option that most people highly consider whenever they are thinking of printers. Compatible toner manufacturers have as such placed extra emphasis to these printers which are widely preferred for their speeds. Unlike the market norms, purchasing a non-original toner will not affect the greatest strength of these printers instead you will have similar or better performance capabilities as with the original model bought.

An increase in the availability of LaserJet printers has not, however, left the good old inkjet printer owners without an option. An equal variety of inkjet printer toners are available given they were the first models to be released to the market as compatible solutions. HP has equally improved on their coloured inkjet models which are loved for their versatility as they can be used to print most types of media. Non-original cartridges for these models have a proven history where they have been used by millions globally to fill the gap in their printing requirements.

Clients after HP Cp2025 toner have the option of purchasing all the four popular compatible models designed for the printer. Since it is a coloured LaserJet printer, it has different toner cartridges which one can choose depending on the needs at hand. The most common choice is the black cartridge which many go for since it works best for most scenarios as most documents are printed in white and black. Other alternatives for coloured documents which the black toner cartridge cannot support are Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow which are the primary colours that support any kind of document. For an all-inclusive solution, clients are highly advised to purchase all the four toner cartridges, so they never have a moment of lack whenever they have to print any kind of document.

The Cleaning Procedures and Maintenance of Laser Printers

A laser printer is essential equipment for offices, which is capable of printing out thousands of papers each month. They have found their place in insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and general business places. Therefore, the laser printers are vitally important, and just like other machines, they require maintenance and care. Even though basic cleaning and maintenance procedures can take it a long way, there is a need to read the manual to understand particular cleaning steps and replacement of parts like the HP 1320 toner.

Here are procedures you should consider to ensure you are safe and the printer is working well.

Safety Measures for Cleaning and Maintenance

The first step is ensuring you unplug the printer before starting the maintenance. Give it time to rest (a minimum of 60 minutes) so that it can cool the fuser-roller which might result in burns. All laser printers utilise toners, which have tiny particles that can penetrate your skin and get into your lungs during the cleaning process.

Disable any fans in the room and open the windows before you begin the maintenance process. To protect your skin from absorbing these particles, put on latex gloves, and to prevent breathing in the toner particles, you need to wear a mask. Also, make sure you wait for 10 minutes or more after you are through with the maintenance.

Cleaning the Laser Printer Interiors

Once you have your printer cool, detach the paper trays. Then using a paintbrush that has gentle bristles brush the toners particles and dust gently. Use a toner vacuum from supply stores to clean the compartments and avoid touching any surfaces on the inside. Then detach the toner cartridges and wipe them using toner clothes.

You can now reach the delicate wires and rub them softly using cotton swabs with isopropyl alcohol on them. Get a damp piece of cloth to clean separation pads and rollers but do not touch them using bare hands.

Cleaning the Laser Printer Exteriors

The outside of a laser printer will require regular dusting and is the simplest cleaning exercise. You can use a microfiber duster or a dry piece of cloth to dust the exterior casing. Carry out this thorough cleaning by adding a little isopropyl alcohol to deep clean it. How regular should the cleaning be? You can do it each time you are replacing the toner, or after churning out about 2500 pages. Never use ammonia-based cleaners or solvent to clean any part of the toner.

Additional Maintenance

When you notice prints fading, you can replace the toner by installing new refill kit or cartridge. Also, closely monitor the machine to see signs of parts that require replacement. When surfaces look shiny and glazed, then they indicate that you should replace the rollers, while scratches and marks on the fuser indicate that you should replace them.

You can as well see frequently error messages. These indicate the need to replace the drum. You should then feed a transparent sheet without printing so as to make the path clean. Get quality accessories like HP 1320 toner to avoid malfunctioning.

Understanding the Way Toner Cartridges Work

If you are looking into buying a laser printer, you would most likely hear the term “toner” a lot. Unlike an inkjet printer, laser printers utilise a toner like a Brother HL 1210W toner in order to print documents. Many people mistake toner as a kind of ink but in reality, they really are not ink. A toner is actually a powder that is electrically-charged and they are created with a combination of pigment and plastic.

So, How Do Toners Work?

Toners work in a really simple and easy-to-understand way. We have mentioned that toners are made of pigment and plastic. Each of this component has their own responsibility when it comes to the printing process. The pigment mainly gives the colour and the plastic component makes sure that the pigment attaches to the paper well through a simple heating and melting process.

The process of melting involved in laser printers is actually what makes it more advantageous than inkjet printers. This is because, through this process, the toner is being bound to the fibres on the paper. This makes the print output more resistant to bleeding and smudges. Moreover, the process can also provide a more vivid and even tone that gives off a crisper appearance.

Many organisations also prefer laser printers because toner cartridges actually cost less than ink cartridges. This means that they only have to shell out money for the laser printer itself, which could be a bit pricier. But, replacing the toner cartridges can save a lot of money.

Now, How Do Toner Cartridges Work?

When you are printing a document, be it an image or a text, on paper using a laser printer, the printing process starts off with the printer gathering the toner using the developer right from the hopper. This happens as the developer accorded to some sort of a metal roller contains magnetic beads that are negatively-charged moving all throughout the hopper to gather toner.

Because the beads are magnetic and they are negatively-charged, they attract the toner particles that are positively-charged. After that, the developer then brushes the particles to the drum assembly. After this, the usual printing process happens.

However, an additional melting and heating step is needed in order to set the toner in place. The paper with the toner particles goes through a set of heated fuser rollers. The heat that comes from the rollers melts the plastic components of the toner so that it adheres to the paper and binds nicely to the fibres.

Monochrome and Colour Printing

The process mentioned above is the standard process that monochrome printing follows. With colour printing, the process is still the same but it is repeated to accommodate each of the colours of the toner. You may already be aware that toner colours come in CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The laser printer combines all these colours at different levels in order to produce literally millions of different colours in various lightness, saturation, hues, and shades. Now that you know and understand how toners and laser cartridges work, you can proceed and buy a Brother HL 1210W toner.

How do I build the perfect home office?

With over half of the UK workforce reported to be working remotely by 2020 according to Small Buisiness, as well as reports highlighting that currently over 1.5 million people are now working from home, it’s become more important than ever to create that perfect `home office`.

Working from home offers that great work life balance, with the benefits for both employers and employees being detailed by numerous organisations and HR professionals around the UK.  

Building the perfect home office and getting the setup right is crucial in order for it to actually work.  Work for you and your productivity.

It can be all of the little things when working from home that really have an impact on how motivated you are and in return how productive you then become.

Finding your inspiration

First of all, there is a little bit more to setting up the perfect home office than simply putting a desk in a room!  Yes, this is a big part of it but it’s also important that once you’ve identified where your home office will be to make your space fun, interesting and separate from the rest of the house!

Making things noticeably different, immediately distinguishes your work space from the rest of the house.  Helping you to make the switch between work and home, as well as providing others with a clear understanding that this zone is your work space/office.  

No one wants to sit and stare at four walls, but we also don’t want to be walking around our home looking for inspiration (procrastinating) as this is where work levels can dip.  So consider using bright colours on walls which can help stimulate imagination as well as using calming and reflective colours such as greens and blues, depending on you and your personality type.  If you are interested in finding out more about the psychology of colours you can find out more HERE.

Making the best use of space

Think about where your phone lines need to be, what about the folders you need on a regular basis and those books that you use for reference?  Are they placed within your work space in the right position? Can you reach them easily and have you got everything together, so you don’t necessarily have to leave your home office?  Wandering through the house to find the notepad you need with your meeting notes in, offers a number of opportunities to be distracted – the pile of washing that you could quickly put in or the toys that you can quickly put away in their box!

Once you then start thinking about what you need for your home office and where your things need to be you can then start thinking about making sure you have the right office furniture.

Office furniture is one of those things that is different for everyone.  What is suitable and comfortable for one person, can be another’s worst nightmare!  But think about what works for you. For example, do you need a shelving unit and if so how big? What about storage systems and lockable filing cabinets etc.  What about chairs, finding the right chair to meet your needs is an important part of the setting up your office process!

Also growing in popularity are standing desks!  Proven to help increase productivity as well as being better for circulation and posture, is this something which you could benefit from in your home office?

Then comes the detail, the equipment!  

What equipment do you need in your home office in order to make sure everything runs like clockwork?  That you have everything you need and more. So much so that going back into Head Office for supplies is not needed because you have the equipment that suits you!  Things like screens and monitors (and of course how many), wireless mouse and keyboard combinations, or maybe you prefer to work from a laptop – especially at a standing desk?

Phones also come into this, if you need a landline phone as well as a mobile.  Is this flexible, does it have a separate connection to your house phone (do you also have the technology installed to make sure you have this), does it offer you the conference call facilities that you might need or the reporting functions that you might use?

Then, when you have your computer and your phone lines all connected think about printers and what systems you might want to use.  Think about wireless printers so no matter where you are or whichever device your working from you can open things up and send them to print.  Making sure that they’re in an area in your home office that is safe, of course has power, a good WIFI connection and above all it is a printer that meets your needs.  One that isn’t going to cost the earth and certainly when you have it set up and installed isn’t going to be costly to run.

At Compatink, we can help keep the running costs of these machines low by providing high quality, low priced compatible ink and toner cartridges.  Not only do you get more for your money with Compatink we also have a quick and easy ordering system online, taking the chore out of ordering and searching for the right ink!

Health and safety tips

There are some great websites and companies online that can help when it comes to ergonomics and how best to set up your home office to make sure you’re also still compliant with health and safety regulations.

Sites such as Ergotron who offer a workplace planner guide and of course the Health and Safety Executive who have a number of articles and documents online to help point you in the right direction.

Building the perfect home office can be hard.  At first it can be difficult getting the balance right between home and work and setting boundaries.  But boundaries are needed and setting up things such as your out of office, or displaying your office working hours all help.  

Making sure that you have created the right environment for you is crucial, as this is what will inspire and motivate you during your working day.  Plus working from home can often be quite lonely, so making sure you have the right equipment helps to keep you connected to the outside world,  talking to the dog really doesn’t count!

Setting up a home office might seem like a chore to start with but when it’s complete you do take away all of the advantages, benefits and flexibility that working from home has to offer and these are the reasons why we choose to do it!

If you have any tips for creating the perfect home office we’d love to hear from you – please share your thoughts below.  And if you’d like to find out more about Compatink and the solutions we can offer visit us online today.

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