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Five Crucial Toner Cartridge Storage Tips

Having extra toner cartridges available is always a great idea, especially if you use your printer fairly often. However, if you are not sure how to store toner cartridges in the right way, you could end up damaging or destroying them before they do you any good.

Toner cartridges can be stored for up to two years after the date it has been produced. To find the production date on your Samsung C480W toner, refer to the packaging that the toner came in.

Without further ado, here are 5 tips for storing your extra toner.

Keep it cool.

Store your Samsung C480W toner cartridges at room temperature or below. If you live in a high-temperature area, you should look for a cool place to store your toner cartridges, such as a room with air conditioning or a cooler store room.

Rooms with high temperatures could cause the power inside the toner cartridge to melt. Heading can also harm the cartridge itself, causing the plastic to melt or warp. This can also be problematic if you have a toner cartridge is an aluminum drum built inside of it, such as most Samsung toner cartridges. Too much heat can also harm the drum, causing it to warp and deteriorate the quality of the prints you want to make.

Keep it dry.

Humidity and moisture are two things that can ruin the toner powder, though both of them share certain differences with heat. Too much moisture can cause the toner powder to clump inside the cartridge, and can lead to bad printing quality and uneven toner distribution.

If you live in a humid or moist area, store your toner cartridge in a room that is dry as humanly possible. Rooms with air conditioners will not only keep a room cool, but dry as well. Toner cartridges without aluminum drums will have their powder exposed more, so this is especially important. It is best that you buy a dehumidifier for your toner cartridges as well.

Keep it away from sunlight.

Sunlight can especially cause toner cartridges to melt or warp. Warping gives the cartridge a curvature, and when a cartridge is warped, it will not be able to fit inside of the cartridge slot in your printer. Warping can also cause toner to spill powder, among other known issues. To keep your toner cartridges away from the sun, store them in either a cupboard or drawer.

Keep the cartridge in its packaging.

Toner cartridges will have usually 2 or 3 lines of defense to protect itself: The cardboard box, the Styrofoam, and then its plastic wrapping. It is important to not open the cartridge plastic packaging until you are ready to replace your old toner cartridge. The packaging is made to protect the cartridge from irregularities and light. If a toner cartridge with packaging occupies too much storage space, you can remove the cartridge from its cardboard box, but not its plastic wrapping. The plastic will also protect the aluminum drum from getting scratched up or damaged. This can lead to low quality, or grainy prints or lines appearing. This also keeps the chips on your cartridges clean and free of any problems.

Keep the lights off.

If you have drums, whether it be included with your toner printer or with your cartridges, be sure that their exposure to any light sources are down to a minimum. Drums are considered to be photosensitive and excessive exposure to light can cause them to fail to hold images correctly while printing. This will lead to grainy prints, or prints with completely blank sections.

Compatible Toners for the Samsung C480FW

The Samsung Xpress SL- C480FW is a multifunction printer that is primarily preferred for its ease of operation. The simplicity of use is now enhanced with the ready availability of compatible toners to keep all your printing requirements ever running.

Professionals and offices with regular printing demands have found in the Samsung Xpress SL- C480FW great relief for their day-to-day requirements. The colour and multifunction printer is an ideal model for the modern business environment where convenience and simplicity are highly sought-after. Among the key features of this outstanding printer from Samsung are;

1 . A quick 3-step installation which can be completed in the shortest duration without requiring any technical assistance.

2. The inclusion of the advanced Samsung Cloud Print, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. This enables you to print documents that have been sent or stored online without having to download them.

3. Fast printing speeds, which are supported by the advanced 800 MHz CPU. You never have to wait for hours on end to have those essential documents that are required instantly.

4. The joys of the one-touch Eco button which significantly reduces the operational costs.

5. An instant scan to email feature, which makes it, suited for the modern e-commerce environment where documents are primarily sent through the mail to business partners and clients or saved for future references.

6. Supports Wi-Fi direct and mobile printing using the inbuilt Near Field Communication technology.

It is not enough that the Samsung model is a high-performance printer, but now it has become much simpler to find a compatible Samsung C480FW toner online. The core strength of the printer, which makes it a darling for thousands, is its print quality, which is maintained by finding a quality toner. Not surprisingly, you are not limited to choice when it comes to finding a toner, which will be able to meet your requirements. Long gone are the days when all you had to do is stick to making toner purchases from the printer manufacturer, which is in most instances much costly.

Alternative compatible printers, which have been specially built for the Samsung Xpress C480FW, work as perfectly as the original toner if not better. Top on the list is the immediate benefits you get from purchasing a compatible toner is the cost efficiency that remains core to every decision made in an office. Unlike what you might expect, the savings you make on buying the toner does not, in any way, hinder the performance to expect.

Top on the line of the Samsung C480FW toner, which you can opt for, is the Black Samsung K404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-K404S/ELS), Samsung C404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-C404S/ELS), Magenta Samsung M404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-M404S/ELS), and Yellow Samsung Y404 Toner Cartridge (CLT-Y404S/ELS). All these toners have been tested and approved for use in the Samsung SL- C480FW printer maintaining the same speeds and printing capabilities as before. Installations of the toners are pretty simple given the design of the printer which allows for a one-touch removal of its toner. Once installed, you can go back to printing your documents without sacrificing on any conveniences that come with owning the printer.

Aspects to Bear in Mind when Buying a Brother HL-1112 Toner

The Brother’s compact HL-1110 is a perfect solution for those who have limited time and space. It is small in size, fast in speed and delivers up to 600dpi resolution.

Brother printers feature a setup CD, drum unit, power cable, quick setup guide and a toner cartridge. Most people prefer the Brother laser printer because their OEM counterparts are consumable and quite pricey.

If you are just getting started, and aren’t sure which toner works best for your printer and which one doesn’t, then this article is for you. We highlight the most important things that you need to bear in mind while selecting a Brother HL-1112 toner, or any other Brother toner for that matter.

Cost saving

You have two options when it comes to toners: you can go with OEM cartridges, which are produced by companies that manufactured the printer, or you can opt for alternatives. Often, the latter is made by third-party companies, so they are more affordable and eco-friendly. With that in mind, you also will realise that the market presents an incredible selection of compatible (alternative) cartridge, just as it does the OEM cartridges. So you should take your time to perform your due diligence to ensure you are getting a good deal. Different websites offer Brother Toners, so it shouldn’t be hard to come by – but only buy with trusted dealers.

Know your model

When you decide to use an alternative brand, you should be keen to choose a proper model. The most important thing is that you know your printer model, as it will help you pick the right cartridge. If you are having troubles finding this out, you can check with the website that you’re buying from. Most sites offer this service. For instance, if your printer is Brother’s compact HL-1110, you can search for it on the platform. By doing this, you’ll be able to establish the right model of the toner cartridge.

Black or colour

Once you are clear about the type of toner and the right model, your next stop is colour. The colour you pick will entirely depend on your printing needs – if you are like most buyers, then you will want to go with at least some colour printing. The good thing is that multi-packs or colour cartridge usually include black. Colour cartridges include magenta, cyan, black, and yellow, and can be blended to form a spectrum of other colours as you need. Some cartridges feature all the colours, while others allow for separate cartridges for each colour.

If you are planning to colour print, you should buy colour cartridges. But note that colour toner cartridges are often pricier than black ones, so if you only need white and black printing, you might want to consider black cartridges as they will help save you money.

Purchase option

This will depend on the frequency of usage. The best approach would be to consider the quantity you require before making a purchase. You can purchase a single cartridge of Brother HL-1112 toner or even bulk lots. But you get to save more when you buy in bulk.

OEM Toners and Compatible Toner: Know the Difference

The market offers two types of toners; the OEM toner, and compatible toner. Both options are functional; however, the difference comes with the cost, quality, eco-friendliness, and the lifespan.

If you are like most people, you rarely think about your printer, not unless it breaks down, or runs out of toner, then the only thing that’s stuck in your mind is getting the toner. It might sound easy at first, since all you need to do is purchase a toner, and do the replacement. However, that’s not always the case, because toners are a bit more complicated. They come in two different options, the original and generic version. Each presents their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. So which one do you settle for? Before we answer that question, let’s define what a toner is.

What’s a toner?

A toner is a mixture of powders utilised in printers to form the printed images and text on paper, through a toner cartridge. Laser toner cartridges used in coloured printers feature a range of colours, including cyan, black magenta, and Yellow, which can blend to form a variety of other colours.

Many people assume that toner and ink are similar; however, the two vary a great deal. Though they serve the same purpose, their functionality and makeup are different. Toner is powder that depends on a fuser and static electricity to print onto paper, whereas ink is liquid and is sprayed on the paper.

Knowing the difference between OEM and Compatible Toner

Toners are not created equal, some are superior to others; and just like many other goods on the market, you have to pick between OEM and their generic alternatives. If you need a toner for your Brother printer, for instance, you may have to decide whether you’ll choose the Brother DCP 9020Cdw toner or a compatible version of the same.

OEM toner

Original Equipment Toner (OEM), is a toner that’s produced by the company that built the printer. For instance, if you’re using a Brother printer, the OEM toner would also be manufactured by Brother, like the Brother DCP 9020Cdw toner. The compatible will be built by a third party to work in the given printer. These are often cheaper and still of high quality.

Generic toner

The generic or compatible toner is a replica option to the original one. They are manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

Difference in price

In general, you’ll realise that OEM toners are pricier than their generic alternative, which always has a lower price tag. You get to save a lot on initial purchase price if you buy the generic toner than you would buying an OEM one.

Print quality

Both the original and the compatible options offer high quality prints. Both in images and texts. In many tests the generic third party version has equalled or even produced better prints than the original. Even if the quality is slightly lower the vast majority of consumers don’t really notice this difference. This makes the saving in cost almost always worth it.

Which toner is the best?

Both of the different cartridges have their advantages and draw backs. Most offices and home printers will use their printer for basic document printing. The compatible cartridges are more than capable of producing excellent prints time and again for this task and you will save a huge amount of money by using these cartridges. If you need to have the highest quality prints, OEM is the way to go.

What You Need to Know About Laser Printers

Laser printers use a beam of light to write information on a paper from a computer. Following the images we see in movies, most people think of lasers as beams of light that slice through metals and walls. As much as that is true, tiny lasers equally do useful humdrum duties like reading video clips and sounds from DVD and CD players and help in printing with the aid of tools like the Brother DCP 1612W toner.

Photocopier and Printer Technology Resemble

Printers are more like photocopiers and utilise a similar technology in their operation. As a matter of fact, the pioneer of laser printers was a modification of photocopiers. The photocopier uses light to make a copy that is exactly like that of a printed page.

The laser light reflects into a drum that is sensitive to light causing static electricity which results into sticking of ink on the drum. The hot rollers help stick the ink on the paper after the transfer. A laser printer functions in the same way with a single distinction: Since there is no written page to copy, the laser starts fresh writing on new papers with content from a computer.

How The Laser Printer Works

When the computer is packed with data, the information present is electronic in format. This data is electronically stored by a transistor (a tiny microscopic switching device). The printer converts this electronic data into pictures and words. If you use an inkjet printer, you will see the ink guns fire exact ink streams at the page. The laser printer, on the other hand, is quite intricate. The data from the computer controls the laser beam to direct the ink on the page by means of static electricity as it happens in the photocopier.

Laser Printer Invention

Computers became popular in the 1980s and small businesses started adopting their use which brought about the use of laser printers as well rendering typewriters and dot-matrix printers obsolete. The laser printers were already present many years before then – Gary Starkweather developed a laser printer in the late 60s and manufactured a commercial one mid-1970. By the end of the same year, computer companies like IBM, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard were developing affordable laser alternatives. Their final output was about three times the normal laser printers. With technology improvements, companies like Apple and HP came into play to mass produce the laser printers as we know them today.

The Gary Starkweather laser printer worked in the following way: The scanner in the laser created the image which is beamed via the glass copier. This image is reflected by a mirror as the focusing is done by the lens. Another mirror does the mirror reflection again transferring it to the photocopier belt and the image is printed by a developer unit. The image that is printed is transferred to a page sealing it permanently and finally emerging at the machine top (collecting rack). They did not have the luxury of using Brother DCP 1612W toner as we do now.

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