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Avoiding Scammers While Buying Compatible Toner Cartridges


We are already in the age where almost anything can be bought online with tempting discounts. It is no surprise that there are opportunists that find a way to scam people with fake products. It rings true when you are looking for compatible toners made by third-party manufacturers. Given the fact you are avoiding OEM toner cartridges for the sake of saving money, it is crucial that the compatible toners you buy are from genuine sellers.

So, how do you ensure that the compatible Samsung M2026W toner you buy is authentic or not? You really have to do a proper inspection to be sure.

While the world is filled with fake products marketed in convincing ways, there are still ways where you can buy an authentic compatible toner product that is worth the money you are spending.

Buying Compatible Toners from Authorised Retailers

At first glance, seeing the word “discount” on a website address would prompt you to click on it and buy something. Here is the thing. It is purely a click-bait. These opportunists know that people are looking for discounts so they make their website name sound like they have it. The next thing you know after opening their website, you have a malware on your computer.

Moreover, it is super simple to steal pictures from other legitimate toner supply stores and put it in theirs. However, if you know the signs of a fraud seller, you can avoid being scammed. The best way to be sure is to go directly to the website of the manufacturer. Most manufacturers do not sell their products themselves but they will have a link somewhere in their website to a seller. This way, you are assured that the seller you are linked to is authorised by the manufacturer.

The next sign is that if the seller offers a money-back guarantee, chances are, they may be a legitimate one. This will give you a peace of mind that if the product is malfunctioning or not the right one, you can get your money back.

Tips for Buying Compatible Toners

As a general rule, if something sounds too good to be true then it is indeed. When you are in the seller’s website, take the time to go around it and check if it is legitimate. You can see the web design and the content that is displayed there.

If you are still having doubts, you may consider paying using a credit card with a purchase guarantee. This will help a lot in getting back the money you spent in case the compatible toner is not the right one.

Open Box Method

Many make the mistake of installing compatible toners on their printers to test out its authenticity. If you are unsure about the toner and you installed it in your printer, you run the risk of damaging the printer. Actually, you can check for the authenticity of the toner just by looking at its box.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look for the manufacturer’s logo on the box. Normally, a lot of information will be printed on the box along with a seal that looks like a hologram to prove its authenticity.
  • While toners have expiration dates, manufacturers will put “best by” on the box because unlike other products, a toner can still be used after this date but with lower quality.
  • When you look inside the Samsung M2026W toner box, you should not any see any dirt. Check if the items inside are packed in a tight manner. Otherwise, it would be a sign that the box has been opened and the item might have been replaced with a fake one.

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