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Aspects to Bear in Mind when Buying a Brother HL-1112 Toner


The Brother’s compact HL-1110 is a perfect solution for those who have limited time and space. It is small in size, fast in speed and delivers up to 600dpi resolution.

Brother printers feature a setup CD, drum unit, power cable, quick setup guide and a toner cartridge. Most people prefer the Brother laser printer because their OEM counterparts are consumable and quite pricey.

If you are just getting started, and aren’t sure which toner works best for your printer and which one doesn’t, then this article is for you. We highlight the most important things that you need to bear in mind while selecting a Brother HL-1112 toner, or any other Brother toner for that matter.

Cost saving

You have two options when it comes to toners: you can go with OEM cartridges, which are produced by companies that manufactured the printer, or you can opt for alternatives. Often, the latter is made by third-party companies, so they are more affordable and eco-friendly. With that in mind, you also will realise that the market presents an incredible selection of compatible (alternative) cartridge, just as it does the OEM cartridges. So you should take your time to perform your due diligence to ensure you are getting a good deal. Different websites offer Brother Toners, so it shouldn’t be hard to come by – but only buy with trusted dealers.

Know your model

When you decide to use an alternative brand, you should be keen to choose a proper model. The most important thing is that you know your printer model, as it will help you pick the right cartridge. If you are having troubles finding this out, you can check with the website that you’re buying from. Most sites offer this service. For instance, if your printer is Brother’s compact HL-1110, you can search for it on the platform. By doing this, you’ll be able to establish the right model of the toner cartridge.

Black or colour

Once you are clear about the type of toner and the right model, your next stop is colour. The colour you pick will entirely depend on your printing needs – if you are like most buyers, then you will want to go with at least some colour printing. The good thing is that multi-packs or colour cartridge usually include black. Colour cartridges include magenta, cyan, black, and yellow, and can be blended to form a spectrum of other colours as you need. Some cartridges feature all the colours, while others allow for separate cartridges for each colour.

If you are planning to colour print, you should buy colour cartridges. But note that colour toner cartridges are often pricier than black ones, so if you only need white and black printing, you might want to consider black cartridges as they will help save you money.

Purchase option

This will depend on the frequency of usage. The best approach would be to consider the quantity you require before making a purchase. You can purchase a single cartridge of Brother HL-1112 toner or even bulk lots. But you get to save more when you buy in bulk.

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