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A day in the life of a kick-ass Office Manager


A day in the life of an Office Manager

There are a number of superstars within every organisation, but the role of the Office Manager in particular throws up something new every day!

Not everyone knows and understands the ins and outs of what an Office Manager actually does, or indeed how they fill their time!

So below we’ve provided a brief insight into the day in the life of Office Manager, Joanne (and by the end we’ve got to admit, even we’re exhausted!).

A day in the life…

7.15am – I start the commute to work and it’s actually not too bad as I listen to the news reports and traffic updates.  It’s also a great opportunity for me to go through my mental “to do list” and the actions I need to get through first when I walk through the doors!

8.00am – Arrive at work and I’m not the first one here today as one of my team came in early to open up for the IT team who wanted to launch a system update across the IT network.  As I walk in I say morning to the team on reception who pass on any messages or updates for me – the biggest message being that the marketing team want to catch me this morning about new signage for the front of the building and reception areas.

8.30am – I quickly grab a cuppa before I start my walk around.

8.35am – that was a quick cuppa!  On the walk around, I check on teams’ printers and their stock levels, their stock resources, the break out areas and what tea, coffee, milk etc we have available and what needs to be restocked.

9.15am – myself and the admin team have our morning meeting, where I go through any tasks which need completing from my walk around as well as any updates from team members which I need to be aware of.  I’m aware that I’m a team member down so rotas need to be updated for the day to make sure that all areas are still covered!

9.45am – update the team tasks and rejig a few timings around and re-send this to the team marked as urgent!

10.00am – head up to the marketing team to talk all things signage and from a health and safety point of view what is actually feasible within the areas they would like.

10.45am – call some professional signage fitters, to come out and provide quotations as well as advice to support what the team requires.

11.15am – Call from reception to say the CEO has a visitor who hasn’t been logged into the visitors log so we were caught a little unaware.  I head down to reception to help with the necessary paperwork and call the CEO on the way down to inform him his visitor is here, and would he like me to personally direct him to his office.

11.25am – leave CEO’s office and call Amanda who is manning the admin desk to arrange for some refreshments to be taken up to the CEO’s office asap.

11.30am – Check emails.  There is a couple from new suppliers wanting to set up meetings, one from HR to organise a catch up to go through the recruitment open day we’re holding in the office and to make sure everything from the office and admin side is covered – make a note to complete all of my actions on this project before this meeting takes place!

11.45am – Open up the latest weekly reports which are to be sent to the senior management team by the end of the week, reporting on staffing, facilities issues, any office related problems that have arose this week, timesheets and any security issues.

12.30pm – close the reports down for now and head for lunch with the head of IT to find out how the system update went this morning.

1.15pm – come back from lunch and send a quick email to the head of IT that after your chat at lunch you and your team will look at how they can support with the potential of weekend working and late nights, to help provide secure access to the building.

1.20pm – Call from the marketing team again to say that they’re now all out of ink and there doesn’t seem to be any in the storeroom – they’ve been printing some big reports for an impromptu event in a couple of days and need this asap.  Assure them that it’s fine, that they can use HR’s printer for now, which has the same capabilities, quickly log onto Compatink and order the ink we need using their quick system and fantastic delivery service.  Then quickly speak with the Head of HR to explain the situation and to ask if the HR team would mind holding off on their printing for the rest of the afternoon – or if there is anything urgent than we can print it out for them within the admin team (I’ve also sweetened it with the promise of a box of chocolates if they agree – so of course they do!)

1.45pm – Head to the postage room as I’m on mail duty today as we’re a team member down!  Franking and knowing the correct postage labels isn’t my forte so it might take me a little while longer then my team to get through all of this!

2.15pm – postage just about done and just the last few pieces to work through, so I head back to my desk to catch up on emails.  One from the marketing team thanking us for sorting out the printer ink so quickly and also asking if we can arrange a courier for tomorrow, so they can ship their event materials down.  I contact our courier service and book this delivery in and raise the purchase order which I forward to the marketing team as confirmation it has been done.

2.45pm – I get a call from reception to let me know they have a hedgehog problem at the front of the building…. Yes, a hedgehog problem!  I head downstairs and at the front door I’m greeted with a babble of staff and 3 hedgehogs.  Luckily, I’ve brought a box from the store room down with me and place this on the ground as I ask reception to call the Hedgehog Rescue Trust for the best advice (yes this is actually a thing!)

3.15pm – excitement over, hedgehogs safely secure in the box and the trust have asked if we can bring the Hedgehogs to them and they’ll take it from there.  It’s on my way home, so until that time we’ve got advice on what to put in the box with them and they are safe and secure under the reception desk!

3.30pm – meeting with senior management team to discuss building facilities and budgets.

4.45pm – I leave the meeting and head back up to my desk, the office is starting to get quiet now as a few members of staff start leaving from about 4pm.  Check emails but there isn’t anything urgent, so I start to do my final walk around and office check, making sure that lights are switched off, blinds are shut, and the heating/air conditioning has been turned off.

6.15pm – I’m the last to leave the office this evening, so have locked up and luckily enough will have missed a little bit of the traffic on my way to the Hedgehog sanctuary!

Of course, this isn’t every day for every Office Manager.  However, due to the varied nature of the role, every day is of course very different.  What it does highlight is what happens and goes on behind the scenes and this is only skimming the surface we know!

We’d love to hear your office stories and if you have a “typical” day – comment below and let us know!

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