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5 Reasons To Ditch OEM Cartridges For Compatible Cartridges


Regular printing is part of running a business. Therefore, investing in a printer for your office is important. This comes with costs on supplies including paper, toner, and printer service. The most significant cost of operating your printer is on toner. So, any ideas to save money on toner are welcome. Toner cartridges from the printer manufacturer cost a fortune. Luckily, compatible toner cartridges are a solution. These are made by a third party with no affiliation to the printer manufacturer. Here are 5 reasons to ditch OEM cartridges for compatible cartridges.

Works just like OEM cartridges

There’s no significant difference between compatible cartridges and OEM cartridges from printer manufactures. Compatible toner cartridges come with a slight tweak to work in more than one printer model. The compatible cartridge will fit nicely in your printer series. Additionally, compatible cartridges might even deliver higher output than genuine toner cartridges. There’s no noticeable difference in performance in page yield and print quality. Printing with a compatible toner cartridge saves about 90 percent of what you would’ve used with an OEM toner cartridge.

No printer damage

Printer manufacturers want you to believe that compatible toner cartridges will damage your printer. Well, this is very far from the truth. OEM cartridges don’t contribute whatsoever in prolonging the life of your printer. In the same light, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that compatible cartridges slow or damage printers in any way. Both compatible and OEM toner cartridges work the same way with a similar impact on your printer.

Compatible cartridges are cheaper

When buying Samsung Xpress C430W toner compatible cartridges are a cheaper alternative. These are available from reliable online suppliers with a few clicks on the mouse. Your cartridges are delivered the next day with tremendous savings. There’s no need to worry about the cartridge not fitting in your printer. Reliable office suppliers get their products from reputable manufacturers who make quality toner cartridges for good value for money.

No worry about electronic chips

Printer manufacturers put electronic chips in their toners. This is a well-orchestrated mode to keep you buying costly OEM cartridges. Luckily, reliable manufactures of compatible toner cartridges are no incorporating electronic chips in their cartridges too. Your printer will notice the compatible cartridge as that from the manufacturer. This means your compatible toner cartridges will work like a charm with minimal chances of failing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in compatible toner cartridges for the same output and performance as OEM cartridges.

Turn to compatible cartridges today

As you’ve noticed, compatible toner cartridges are worth giving a go. Improved technology has made compatible cartridges to output fine quality prints better than OEM cartridges. Therefore, find a reliable online supplier where to purchase quality compatible toner cartridges guaranteed to print quality work every time. Compatible toner cartridges are available for any printer brand to give you the best results at a relatively lower cost.

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