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5 Handy Tips To Lower Printer Maintenance Costs


Businesses have various printing needs. Additionally, outsourcing might be costly in the long run. The trick is to invest in a printer suitable for your needs. However, operating a printer comes with various costs that you should be aware of. Luckily, you should read these 5 handy tips to lower printer maintenance costs to give you a head start. Making the necessary adjustment will make you see a significant reduction in your monthly printer maintenance bills. You will enjoy a chance of printing more for less.

Understand your needs

It pays to keep your printing needs in mind before investing in a printer. There’re various printers on the market with various features. These might include:





-Wireless printing

Therefore, avoid buying a printer with extra features that you don’t need. These usually come at an extra fee but you’re not going to utilise them. Ensure to make a checklist of features you would like on your printer before hitting the market. There’s no need to invest in a high quality photo printer when you just want to print documents. Ensure to buy a printer well suited for your printing needs.

Preview documents before printing

Printing unnecessary web pages is a significant cause of waste when operating a printer. Ensure to preview to avoid printing what you don’t want. Previewing will ensure that you print exactly what you need. The preview process is just a few seconds but will save a significant am out in toner and paper. Thinking before printing will encourage proofreading before sending the document to the printer queue. It lessens the chances of incurring costly charges because of errors.

Buy compatible toner cartridges

Most printer manufactures highly recommend using OCM toners in their printer models. They argue that it’s only OCM toner that lowers risk of leakage, enhances the life of your cartridges, and produces high quality prints. The truth is that you can get compatible Brother Hl1212W toner with the same quality. The best thing is that this comes at a fraction of the OCM toner.

Adjust documents before printing

You can lower the cost of paper by using a duplex, which required few paper since it prints on both sides. Other strategies to lessen costs include:

-Decrease page margins and double space to let more words fit on a single page

-Lower font size to use less toner and paper

-Avoid big headers and bold text

-Use fonts such as Calibri to lower toner

-Print in draft mode

Print on high quality paper

Cheap paper can cause jam in the printer, which wastes paper and toner. High quality paper gives better results and doesn’t lead to waste. Quality paper might cost a bit more upfront but offers long term benefits. You’ll not have to reprint any pages thus eliminating waste paper and toner. With time, you’ll realise your paper and toner cost significantly going down.

Bottom line

It’s very hard to do without a printer in business. Perhaps you need to print an invoice, headed paper, or letter. Be prepared to meet some costs regarding using the printer. Luckily, the tips above will make a significant impact on lowering your printing costs.

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